Privacy Policy

Personal data privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as – “Privacy Policy”) shall apply to the information BusinessHub  can receive about a User while surfing the Website. BusinessHub shall hold responsibility for Personal data and Website operation.


1.1. This Privacy Policy uses the following terms and definitions:

1.1.1. Website- website.

1.1.2. Website administration- authorized personnel, administering the website, who act on behalf of BusinessHub, organize and (or) process personal data, as well as determine purposes for personal data processing, personal data content, subject to processing, actions (operations), performed with personal data.

1.1.3. Personal data- any information related, implicitly or explicitly, to a certain or specified physical person (subject of personal data).

1.1.4. Personal data processing- any action (operation) or a set of actions (operations), performed with personal data using the automation means or without them, including collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, change), extraction, use, transfer (distribution, provision, access), anonymization, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data.

1.1.5. Personal data confidentiality- an obligatory requirement for the Website Administration or any other person, gained access to personal data, not to disclose personal data without consent of the subject or any legal basis.

1.1.6. Website User (hereinafter referred to as User)- a person, having access to the Website through the Internet and using the Website.

1.1.7. Cookie- a small data fragment, sent by the webserver and stored on the User’s PC, which a web-client or web-browser sends to the web-server as HTTP- request each time when trying to open a page of the respective website.


2.1. The Privacy Policy shall stipulate the obligations of the Website Administration not to disclose any personal data the User provides upon request of the Website Administration while registering on the website or performing any other actions through the Website, and to ensure the protection mode of its confidentiality. The Privacy Policy shall apply to the Website only. The Website does not control and shall hold no responsibility for the websites of the third persons the User can go to, following the links available on the Website. The Website Administration does not check credibility of personal data the Website User provides.

2.2. The User shall provide personal data, subject to processing under the Privacy Policy, filling in the application forms which include the following information:

2.2.1. User’s surname, name, patronymic;

2.2.2. User’s contact phone number;

2.2.3. Email;

2.2.4. Internet protocol IP-address;

2.2.5. Device information, namely mobile device model, OS, platform, browser type and version and other device’s settings;

2.3. The Website Administration does not collect any Special categories of personal data (it includes information about race or ethnicity, religious or philosophic beliefs, personal relations, sexual orientation, political views, membership in trade unions, information about health state and genetic and biometric data).


3.1. Cookies make the Website use easier. They also allow tracking traffic and personalizing the Website content. Session cookies are saved only when the browser is open and automatically deleted when it closes. Persistent cookies are saved until you or your browser do not delete them or their validity is over.

3.2. Some cookies are required for specific purposes of the Website use. These cookies allow making the Website suitable for use, ensuring its main functions as page navigation and access to the Website protected areas. The Website cannot function properly without cookies.

3.3. The Website Administration uses technical cookie files, browsing session cookies, preference cookies and analytic cookies. The Website Administration reserves the right to use analytical tools and respective cookies of the following service providers:

Google Analytics


VKontakte Pixel

Facebook Analytics

Facebook Pixel.

3.4. As a rule, a User can activate or de-activate the use of cookies through the functions, built in a web-browser or mobile device.

3.5. Cookies collect, save and use the following types of personal data:

3.5.1. IP address, geolocation, browser type and version and OS;

3.5.2. Information about User’s visits and use of this Website, including the source of referrals, visit duration, page views and Website navigation paths;

3.5.3. User’s name and email;

3.5.4. Information, generated while using the Website, including information when, how often and under what circumstances the User does it;

3.5.5. Information, contained in any messages the User sends to the Website Administration by email or through the Website, include the messages’ content and metadata;

3.5.6. Any other personal information the User sends to the Website Administration.

3.6. The User shall have the right to request deletion or termination of cookies’ use in relation to him. In order to exercise this right a User should contact the Website technical support by email:


4.1. Personal data, received through application forms, shall be used to establish feedback with the User, including service advice as well as service rendering and all the related issues.

4.2. Personal data, received through the cookies, shall be used for the following purposes:

4.2.1. Website personalization for the User;

4.2.2. Rendering of services, purchased through the Website;

4.2.3. Sending email notifications to the User, he specially requested and approved;

4.2.4. Sending to the User marketing messages, related to our business or business of thoroughly selected third parties, which, in our opinion, can be of interest to the User, by email or using similar technologies;

4.2.5. Provision of the statistical information about the User to the third parties (but these third parties will not be able to identify any User based on this information);

4.2.6. Website security and fraud prevention;

4.2.7. In order to manage relations with the User, including: (a) notification of the User about change in the terms of the Privacy Policy; (b) notification of the User about updates and discounts;

4.2.8. In order to deliver respective Internet-content and advertisement to the User as well as to estimate and understand advertising efficiency, provided for the User;

4.2.9. In order to formulate service proposals and recomendations which can be interested for the User.

4.3. Email notifications, marketing messages or any other information can be sent only upon the User’s consent.

4.4. The User shall have the right to opt out of notifications, marketing messages or any other information by sending a request, stipulated by Clause 3.3.6. of the Privacy Policy.


5.1. Personal data, received through application forms, shall be processed based on the User’s consent, he gives, providing the Website Administration with the respective information. If the applicable legislation provides such a basis for personal data processing as contract execution, the data, received through the application forms, shall be processed based on the need to execute a contract.

5.2. Personal data, received through cookies, shall be processed based on the User’s consent.


6.1. A User’s personal data processing can be performed by any legal method after approval, including use of personal data information systems with or without automation means.

6.2. A User agrees that the Website Administration shall have the right to transfer personal data to the third parties only for marketing and analytical purposes. The list of persons the Website Administration provides with Personal data is as follows:

– Google Analytics;

– Mixpanel;

– Mailchimp;

– Wix;

– VKontakte Pixel;

– Google Adwords;

– Webmaster;

– Facebook Analytics;

– Facebook Ads;

– Facebook Pixel;

– Appsflyer;

– Fabric.

The Website Administration shall have the right in its own discretion and at any time to change and/or amend this list without notifying the User through introduction of changes in the Privacy Policy.

6.3. The Website Administration shall take necessary organizational and technical measures to protect the User’s Personal data from unauthorized or random access, destruction, change, blocking, copying, distribution and other illegal actions of the third parties.

6.4. The User’s Personal data shall be kept for one (1) year from the date of the last communication of the User with the Website Administration.


7.1. The User shall:

7.1.1. Provide information about personal data, required for the Website use in cases such information is necessary to render the services.

7.2. The Website Administration shall:

7.2.1. Use the received information exclusively for the purposes, specified in Cl. 4.1., 4.2. of the Privacy Policy.

7.2.2. Ensure keeping of the confidential information in secret, not disclose it without prior written consent of the User and not sell, exchange, publish or disclose the received personal data of the User in anyway.

7.2.3. Take preventive measures to protect confidentiality of the User’s personal data according to the procedure, used to protect such kind of information in the existing business practice.

7.2.4. Perform deletion, correction of personal data, related to the respective User, from the date of the User’s request or his legal representative or authorized body for protection of the rights of personal data subjects for the period of verification, in case inaccurate personal data or illegal actions are revealed.


8.1. The Website Administration shall be liable for loss or disclosure of the User’s Personal data under the applicable legislation.


9.1. This Privacy Policy and relations between the User and Website Administration shall be governed by the Applicable legislation. The applicable legislation means the legislation, applicable to the User in terms of personal data protection. Under the Privacy Policy all disputes related and (or) arised from Personal data processing shall be settled in accordance with the Applicable legislation.


10.1. The Website Administration shall have the right to amend this Privacy Policy without the User’s consent.

10.2. The Website Administration will make every effort possible to notify the User about the changes introduced in the Privacy Policy.

10.2. The new Privacy Policy shall come into effect from the date of its publishing on the Website unless otherwise provided by the new version of the Privacy Policy.

10.3. Please forward all proposals or questions about this Privacy Policy to the Website Administration by:

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